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adda analytics trade auditing software

Turn live and historic forex trades into actionable insights 

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Are your banks & brokers offering fair & transparent pricing?

Gain execution transparency 

Transform fx trade data into interactive analytics & actionable efficiency improvements – evaluate, monitor & manage execution costs

Interactive reporting 

Adda allows clients to gain interactive visual insights into execution performance by bank, currency pair, geographic market, trader & more   

Independent benchmarking 

Adda aggregates currency quote data from +100 vendors - creating both independent spot and forward benchmarks

Our clients say

"Adda provides us with the insights necessary to manage our banking relationships and access improved terms - their service is efficient and highly beneficial"

Chris Roland, Head of Treasury, Lightsource 



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About adda fx 

We aim to empower finance departments gain clarity in opaque markets

Adda analytics is tech arm of the global multi-asset advisory firm Audere Solutions.


Audere's team set out to challenge the opaque trading dynamics that govern the foreign exchange markets.


For years banks and brokers have benefited from this lack of transparency - embedding hidden costs and reducing execution quality.


Our trade auditing software provides clients with a way to fully evaluate their transaction costs and implement the process for achieving best execution.

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