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adda analytics
innovators of fx advisory

We are the technology arm of the global multi-asset advisory Audere Solutions

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The issues we seek to resolve 

The lack of transparency - trading & hedging 

For years banks and brokers have benefited from the opaque foreign exchange market conditions - spreads can be hidden & hedging advice misdirected 

Voice or static non-independent advice

Banks and brokers typically provide phone based or static documents to advise their clients - this lack of interactivity makes it hard for clients to gain the context and education required to make informed trading decisions 

Access to fair & secure pricing 

The forex market is saturated by cold calling, commission incentivised sales teams which makes it hard for CFOs to differentiate good from bad & receive competitive, transparent pricing 

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How adda is challenging the norm

We are on a mission to provide independent, professional analytics & advisory services - in turn, driving efficiency



Adda clients benefit from our independent operating model - our analytics and advice are not commercially incentivised from being part of a trade process 


Analytical & interactive

Adda provides an interactive experience that offers you a higher level of context and education required to make informed and best guided execution and hedging decisions 


Tradition & innovation

Adda clients benefit from the traditional hands-on advisory guidance offered from its connection to Audere, whilst also offering the innovative technology solutions required today


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Our clients say

"Adda provided us with the analytics and insights to support the initial set up and implementation of our Treasury function.  This included the management of our extensive business banking relationships and access to significantly improved FX pricing terms through an RFP process.
Their professional approach was efficient, flexible and highly beneficial which I’d recommend to other high growth businesses with global operations that are looking to mature their Treasury activities"

Chris Roland, Head of Treasury, Lightsource 

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About adda 

We aim to empower finance departments gain clarity in opaque markets

Adda analytics is tech arm of the global multi-asset advisory firm Audere Solutions.


Since 2014, Audere's team have set out to challenge the opaque trading dynamics that govern the foreign exchange market.


For years banks and brokers have benefited from this lack of transparency - embedding hidden costs, offering commercially biased hedging advice and inefficient execution quality.

Our independent operating model ensures there is no conflict of interest when advising on hedging and execution strategies. Utilising this position, and combining it with our expertise and analytical technology, we offer a client-first approach and a refreshing new alternative.

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